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Empowering the Female Investor
Women are a Powerful Financial Force
Worldwide there are over one billion women in the workforce [1] and they control 85% of the global consumer spending [2]. 
In the US alone, over 2/3 of all women identify as the household primary decision maker [3]. The most common financial challenges that women face are divorce, illness and death of a spouse or partner.

1. World Bank and Booz Allen 2016, 2. Boston Consulting Group 2016, 3. Center for Talent Innovation May 2015

There are still significant differences in how women need to approach investing due to challenges that are unique to them. These factors include:

The Wage Gap– The gender pay gap still exists. According to an article by AAUW titled “The Simple Truth about the Gender Pay Gap”, the median earnings for women in 2017 were 20% less than median earnings for men.

Caring For Children or Parents– Women on average spend more time out of the workforce to care for children or for elderly parents. This leaves them with less opportunity to contribute to retirement plans and lower Social Security contributions.

Longer Lifespans– On average, women live longer than men, which means they have to save more for retirement in order to outlive their savings.


With these factors in mind, it’s clear that women need to be especially engaged in their retirement planning in order to overcome the hurdles they face. However, many women report that they aren’t confident in their investing skills. The irony of women’s fear of investing is that women have many natural abilities that make them good investors. For example:

  • Women are more cautious and tend to be more risk averse than men when it comes to investment decisions.  This can make them cautious but prudent investors.
  • Women are concerned about their futures and their retirement and tend to be more disciplined savers.  That’s because many women handle the day-to-day finances of their households and understand where the money can and should go.

The lack of confidence stems from a perceived lack of financial knowledge. Many women don’t know who to turn to for financial guidance; that’s where Financial Planning Alternatives can help.

Unlike many financial planning agencies who disregard the unique challenges women face, we tailor our services specifically for them. It is our goal to empower women by educating them, so that they can gain the confidence they need to invest and plan for retirement. If you’re unsure about your retirement plan and want to learn more about investing options and other things that can help you save for your future, contact Financial Planning Alternatives today.

Small Business

Helping Small Business Owners take Control of their Finances

We know it takes a lot to keep a small business afloat. It’s our passion to work with small business owners to help develop secure financial plans and tax strategies that help them save money and grow. 

We help implement employee benefit and retention programs designed to be tax efficient and cost effective for you and your employees.  We also offer business planning services such as funding for  buy/sell agreements and key man protection.

Your business is your largest asset; protect it with guidance from our knowledgeable team at Financial Planning Alternatives. Contact us today to find out more about what we can do for you. 

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Are you ready to make the right choices?

Contact Financial Planning Alternatives to secure your financial future with guidance and care.


Every Dollar Needs a Purpose
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Financial Planning Alternatives is a family practice. Bring your kids to our office to set them up for a life of financial knowledge.

Start planning while time is on your side! We offer a comfortable, non-intimidating environment for young people to start planning for their futures. We help millennials with retirement saving strategies, investment advice, and more. 

The earlier you start saving, the less income you’ll have to give up later. Don’t wait until your 40’s or 50’s to start planning for retirement; contact Financial Planning Alternatives today and avoid years of stress down the road. 

Here at Financial Planning Alternatives we welcome an informative conversation with young adults.  Education and early planning are key to starting off on the right financial path.  We have the tools and technology to help you reach your financial goals, no matter what they might be…

  • -Paying off your Student Loans
  • -Traveling
  • -Owning Your Own Home
  • -Starting your Own Business
  • -Savings/Emergency Fund
We can HELP!  Let’s have a conversation.


Evaluate - Manage - Plan - Own - Work - Educate - Review

You can’t start planning for tomorrow until you evaluate your current financial situation. We help you identify your needs and goals so that we can start building personalized strategies to get you from where you are to where you need to be. 

The first consultation comes at no cost.

We help our clients set personal budgets and identify areas where they could be saving more money. With our guidance, you can learn how to better manage your finances so that you can save more for your future. 

We help our clients choose the right investments for their personal needs and goals. If you want us to assist with your finances through all of life’s twists and turns, start building a plan with us now. 

Owning your assets is about protecting the things that are important to your livelihood. We sell products and strategies that help our clients secure the things they care about most. 

For many, working with a financial advisor is an unfamiliar experience. We aim to create a comfortable environment in which each individual client can feel heard and cared for. When you work with us, you form a lifelong partnership. 

We’re not a “give us your money and let us do the work” type of firm. It’s our passion to educate our clients so that they know what’s best for them. We’ll help you increase your financial literacy no matter what your experience level is. 

Your job situation changes, your family changes, the economy changes… your financial plan needs to change too. We advise our clients to stop in regularly for review so that we can maximize the benefits of our services. 

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